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Seminar program

The seminar will feature: Robert Warnke (USA, Sonnax), Steve Garrett (USA, ATRA),John Parmenter (USA, Precision International), Yakovlev Vladimir (Russia), Maxim Golikov (Russia, Agregatka), Evgeny Makushev (Russia, MCAT), Victor Blokhin (Russia, Yokki), Roman Gulyaev (Russia), Anischenok Egor (Belarus, Kinergo).

  1. 6-speed Duonic dual-clutch transmission for Mitsubishi / Mercedes / Fuso (Steve Garrett)
  2. Features a unique oscilloscope and a general test of the performance of the vehicle systems (Steve Garrett)
  3. Converter clutch control.  A focus on the hydraulics of the valve body and the two path vs three path converter (Bob Warnke)
  4. Transmission Component Testing.  Requirements for rebuilding and testing solenoids and valve bodies (Bob Warnke) 
  5. New DSG transmission line for Audi cars (0CK / 0CL / 0CJ) (Evgeny Makushev)
  6. CVT Jatco (device, diagnostics) (Vladimir Yakovlev)
  7. Characteristics of auto oils for automatic transmissions and variators (Victor Blokhin)
  8. Modern Transmission overview, adaptation, problems and solutions (John Parmenter)
  9. Master-receiver in a specialized service - what should it be (Roman Gulyaev)
  10. SsangYong M11 - repair solutions (Maxim Golikov)

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