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Business training

As part of the August events, AutoTransTech will host a business training for managers.
The topic of the training is "Protection from extremist consumers"

The Russian Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" is good - it gives a lot of rights to consumers! But those who are "on the other side of the barricades", this law makes almost powerless. Maya Komissarova will tell you how to resist unscrupulous customers at a special business training as part of the AutoTransTech events in August this year.

Given the recent general decline in business revenue, losses from abusing clients are particularly unpleasant. Enterprises spend not only money on the proceedings and claims settlement, but also the time of their employees. These losses can and should be reduced or even reduced to zero.
Maya Komissarova, author and presenter of the seminar, who represented the interests of many companies that acted as defendants in consumer claims, has extensive experience in litigation.
She will share examples from court practice at various levels, give a number of recommendations on how to minimize your losses from customer complaints.

From practical examples given at a business training, you can find out what mistakes are most often made by car services and sellers of spare parts and how they can be used to the detriment of service stations. Maya Vladislavovna is not limited by the law of the OZPP; she considers in a complex all legislative acts and regulatory documents.

Business training will be held according to an updated program that takes into account the latest changes in laws and other standards, as well as on the basis of relevant definitions of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

IMPORTANT: in preparing the program of the lesson, burning questions from the participants will be taken into account, which can be identified in advance when registering for a business training or sent to by e-mail

Date: August 29
Venue: Novotel Moscow City



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