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Automatic Transmission Trade Show 2019


Dear Colleagues!

  On August 29, 2019, the only international specialized exhibition of the automatic transmission industry in Russia will be held for the sixth time in Moscow. TERRITORY of Automatic Transmission 2019.

Meeting place - NOVOTEL MOSCOW CITY,
modern convenient platform in the business center of the city.

First held in 2007 as part of MIMS and becoming an independent industry event in 2017, the TERRITORY of the Automatic Transmission Exhibition has become a comfortable platform for professional communication and a reliable source of information on topical issues of the automatic transmission industry. And the experience and enthusiasm of the participants made this event truly large-scale and significant!
The TERRITORY of the Automatic Transmission 2019 - a meeting of those who, with their mind, talent, perseverance, daily help the automatic transmission industry to develop!

Check out the highlights of the previous show.



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