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AutoTransTech 2017 Chisinau

"Radisson BLU" Hotel, Strada Mitropolit Varlaam 77, Chișinău, Moldova
Chisinau bade a wistful farewell to the participants of the international technical seminar AutoTransTech 2017.

Where and when:

The event took place on April 7-8 at the Radisson BLU Hotel in downtown Chisinau. Over 60 people, or 50 companies, participated in the seminar, including representatives of many regions of Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and, certainly, Moldova.

What it was like:

TDI_5751.jpg TDI_5823.jpg

We learnt…

Traditionally, the two-day seminar program was divided into the academic/technical and educational/entertaining parts. The first day was devoted to technical issues – the participants familiarized themselves with the newly-designed products, the latest technologies and solutions in the realm of modern transmissions service and repair and shared their knowledge and expertise in AT rebuilding. The list of speakers included Vladimir Nasonov (AKPP03 Moscow), Anna Solovyeva (AKPP Club), Aleksandr Potapov (AKPP-Service Petrozavodsk).

TDI_5740.jpg TDI_6240.jpg TDI_5817.jpg TDI_5988.jpg


The sessions went on from morning till late at night with short lunch and coffee breaks. And naturally, even at the end of this long day the discussion and exchange of experience never stopped.

We got acquainted with the local car repair shops…

The second day of the seminar went in a less formal atmosphere.

Not only do we continue to introduce new cities and countries to the seminar participants, but we also acquaint them with local professionals and companies dealing with AT repair. This time the seminar attendees got the chance to visit two large repair shops of Chisinau – GBS SLR and ATCC.

TDI_5872.jpg TDI_6316.jpg

And had a rest…

How could one be in Moldova and not visit the famous wine caves? So, on the early morning of April 8th, most of the participants set off for Cricova, the best-known underground wine cellars, the longest wine vaults in Europe – a paradise of red, white, dry and sparkling wines, where each sort of wine has its own street. The participants had a guided tour, took a trip in an electric train along the street and boulevards of this unique place, which is practically an underground town, viewed the depository of collector wines (in the Cricova cellars such prominent world leaders store their wine collections, as the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko, the President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko, Chair of the European Council Donald Tusk and many others).

We got acquainted with the manufacturing process of sparkling wines according to the French technology, and then degusted the most famous still and sparkling wines in the President’s degustation room. And, naturally, no one left without a souvenir – what kind of souvenir, you may ask? – a bottle of wine, of course!

DSC_5299.JPG DSC_5136.JPG

Next, the seminar guests got the chance to visit one of the biggest wineries – Ascon – and had an exciting guided tour where they were told about the wine manufacturing process, from crop harvesting on down to the bottling of the ready wine. Here they also had a wine-tasting session of wines manufactured at this winery under the Asconi trademark.

After that, the participants were invited to the Asconi restaurant for a closing banquet. Cheerful Moldovan music was playing, the guests ordered welcome songs for their friends and partners, there was a variety of delicious national dishes (reminding you of your granny’s cooking), splendid wine from the local cellar, vibrant dances … we could hardly part with each other and left the restaurant long past midnight.


Besides the scheduled events, the participants also used the opportunity to have a walk around downtown Chisinau, view the sights, buy magnets and other souvenirs. Also, everybody had a chance to visit the wonderful and inexpensive Moldovan restaurants, try the national cuisine and have a good time.

We want to thank...

The AutoTransTech company wishes to express its gratitude for the assistance in organizing the events and for the warm welcome in the Moldovan land to Grigoriy Botnari a representative of the Transparts company in Moldova, and the ATCC company represented by Oleg Kosolapov.

Hope to see you again!

So, the seminar came to an end, all the participants returned home to get back to work and put into practice the gained knowledge and skills.

The next meeting of AT professionals is to take place at the 13th international technical seminar AutoTransTech in Moscow on August 24-26, 2017.




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