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AutoTransTech 2016 Sochi

The storm is no obstacle!


The next scheduled international technical seminar “AutoTransTech” was held on December 2-3 in the resort-city of Sochi. Over 90 guests took part in it, representing 35 companies. Besides the presentations and their discussion, the seminar program also included visits to Sochi car service centres.

The daunting weather forecast – a hurricane and a storm alert – did not stop the attendees of the Sochi “AutoTransTech” seminar from taking an active part in it. At the “Catherine quarter” hotel of the “Velvet seasons” hotel-city, representatives of 35 companies got together, among whom there were not only the regular participants – such as “AT Parts”, “TransFix”, “Diligence”,”AT-Service-NK”, - but also new ones, including “AKPP-Belgorod”, Quattro, “AKPP-911-Sochi”, GBS SRL.


The informative part of the program was presented on the first day. At this “AutoTransTech” seminar, the overrepresentation of Russian-speaking lecturers compared to their foreign colleagues was obvious. There are a sufficient number of experienced professionals in Russia now, who have something to share. In Sochi, only Steve Garrett, who has been a permanent lecturer of the seminar for many years, needed the services of an interpreter. Steve gave two presentations – on hybrid drive systems and Volkswagen DQ200 (0АМ).

Yuriy Aleksandrov’s lecture, who represented the Shaeffler company, also stirred everybody’s interest. Small wonder – this time Yuriy was speaking about several of the newly-designed LuK products at once. In his presentations, he covered such topics as the new dual dry clutch kit LuK RepSet 2CT for Alfa Romeo TCT and the trouble-shooting peculiarities of Renault EDC dual-mass flywheels. Besides he informed the audience about the addition to the second generation of the special-purpose tool for Renault clutch modules. The speaker had to stay a little longer after the lecture to answer all the questions.

The next speaker was Roman Kramarenko of ”Exclusive transmission” with a presentation on “The basics of the JF015E primary diagnostics”. This transmission has been produced for over seven years and has become one of the most popular CVTs in the world (in August of this year JATCO produced a ten-millionth copy), which is why a lot of people are interested in its peculiarities. The participants of the previous seminars had asked to dwell upon this subject in detail. Roman’s speech was listened to with great attention – it was very quiet in the room till the very end of the lecture when the listeners started asking questions.

The following presentation was given by Oleg Kosolapov, a representative of the ATCC from Moldova. He was speaking about the torque converter rebuilding for Mercedes-Benz 722.9 and 722.6. It turned out that this topic can give rise to a serious discussion.

The first day of the seminar was concluded by Dmitriy Karagorgiy’s presentation on “1С: Management of an AT repair shop”. Dmitriy was speaking about the advantages of control automation at a maintenance station with the help of a program that was specially designed by his company. He also provided a visual demonstration of how to work with it and answered the questions about the program integration through the example of real companies.

…and looking around

On the second day, the participants were given an opportunity to visit the Sochi car repair shops and the Red Meadow. The guests were invited by the Quattro and “AKPP-91-Sochi” companies. Artur Kulikov, director of the Quattro repair shop, shared his experience of running a business in the context of the city’s preparations for the Olympics – because for this reason some districts of Sochi had to undergo complete reconstruction. Also, Artur talked about the difficulties his car repair shop had to face and how they learnt to overcome them.

At the second repair shop – “AKPP-911-Sochi” – the seminar participants were welcomed by Aleksandr Masalskiy, who told them about the peculiarities of a maintenance station’s operation in a resort city. He also shared a number of organizational and technical solutions that make it possible to improve their efficiency, and also talked about future plans.

On the way back from the tour of the car repair shops the participants made a quick stop at the sea front in order to take memorable photos on the background of a stormy sea. There is something to remember here! There was an unprecedented storm in Sochi that night, and guests of the resort city do not often get the chance to see such weather rampage on the Black Sea coast.

However, the adverse weather conditions did not spoil either the seminar or the city tour – all the participants were delighted with both the academic and entertaining parts of the program.

The seminar attendees visited the Rosa Khutor ski resort – a comfortable microtown built for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Here they walked around the souvenir shops and visited the “Galaxy” centre which is a part of the “Gazprom” Mountain Resort. The participants of the technical seminar managed to spend time nice and profitably – they learnt a lot of new information from a knowledgeable tour guide, bought exciting souvenirs, degusted local sweet-scented honey, warmed themselves up with traditional hot mulled wine, and, of course, took impressive pictures.

After lunch, all the interested participants visited the Olympic park and the Sochi Auto Museum with an exhibition of cars of different years. The hotel where the seminar took place is located not far from the Olympic park, so visiting those places was not too much of a problem.

The seminar was crowned by a grand banquet at the “Boho” restaurant on the coast of the raging Black Sea. The varied program included playful contests, lively dances, the performance of the “Burlesque” show ballet – and lasted deep into the night. The seminar attendees received all the relevant technical materials and the lecture handouts, certificates of participation and the second issue of the “AKPPro” magazine.

See you next time!

Thanks for choosing Sochi as a seminar location, it was attended by over ten new participants from the Krasnodar region and Abkhasia. The first impressions were very favourable. The participants highly appreciated the seminar program and the very idea of holding it in different cities. “The concept of organizing the seminar in different regions proved to be an advantage for us, – Martiros Ambardjan said. – This way you make such events more accessible for a wider range of professionals. You know, we, practicing specialists, can’t always find the time to go to a different city. So, when the seminar comes to us – this is very convenient and you just can’t miss it!”. This is why “AutoTransTech” will continue the practice of “away events”. The organizers have already chosen the time and location for the next seminar – it is to take place on April 7 8, 2017, in Chisinau.




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