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Autotranstech 2016 Moscow

The 12th International technical seminar 2016 that took place in Moscow at the Istra Holiday Park Hotel drew over 160 participants.


The seminar consisted of 4 lecture days and was held on August 24-27, 2016.

The panoramic view of the recreation park that opens up from the ”Four seasons” conference hall helped the seminar participants to relax and make it through the extensive theoretical course.

On the first day Pavel Sivozhelezov conducted a business workshop for companies’ CEOs “Management as an art”, where management was explored as a person’s capability of exercising managerial control and as a keen understanding of the administration system. The lecture included a practical part, where the CEOs of companies solved the tasks given by the lecturer and suggested alternative solutions to this or that problem in the sphere of personnel management. They also analyzed the system principles of the company operation, using their own companies as a example, and presented their view of the Company of the Future.

About 50 people took part in this workshop. The lecture went on till 7 p.m., with short lunch and coffee breaks.

The second day of the Moscow seminar was devoted to the ATCR torque converter rebuilding. The program included the presentations of the following speakers: Aleksandr Shatkov (Kinergo), Edgar Nebylitsa (Kinergo), Vyacheslav Apanovich (Hydrotransformator), Roni Zelichonok (Alto), Dmitriy Yermilov (Transfix).

After the main presentations, the seminar attendees took part in the forums devoted to JF414 / GM 6T40 (at their option). The JF414 forum drew about 20 participants, the main speaker was Mikhail Yakimov (individual entrepreneur Yakimov Stavropol), having listened to his presentation, the participants asked questions and shared their experience of the JF414 main troubles and repair. About 50 people chose to attend the second forum, devoted to GM 6T40. Oleg Dubinin (AKPP-Service-NK Krasnoyarsk) gave a presentation on the design and repair of GM 6T40, which was followed by a heated discussion among the forum participants. It was the first experience of such forums, the seminar organizers decided to make it a point to hold such discussions of particular AT-types in the course of future technical seminars.

The third and the fourth days of the seminar were traditionally devoted to the design, rebuilding and trouble-shooting of automatic transmissions. Day three included the presentations of Yevgeniy Makushev (MCAT), Robert Warnke (Sonnax), Steven Garrett (GM), Sergey Papin (Kinergo).
At the end of the third day, the organizers of the AKPPro project gave a presentation of the AT-club and the AT-magazine. The first issue of the AKPPro magazine was given to the participants free of charge along with some souvenirs (backpacks, participants’ catalogues, note-pads, pens) and technical materials.

All the seminar participants received gifts from the organizers: personalized magnets with their own pictures.

The closing day of the seminar comprised the presentations of Bill Henney (BlueReach), Adel Yakupov (AT Repair Kazan), Irvin Gers (Raybestos), Dmitriy Filonov, Dmitriy Karageorgiy (DesTime - 1С demo version – AT repair shop management).

By tradition, the seminar organizers held a “Gold ten” quiz. The winner who took the main prize of 10 000 rubles was Oleg Dubinin (AKPP-Service-NK Krasnoyarsk), who answered correctly ten questions out of ten. Another two prizes (ALTO T-shirts) were won by two participants who gave the right answers to nine questions out of ten. Upon completion of the seminar, all the participants were granted club cards of the AT-club and certificates of participation in the 12th International technical seminar.

On the sidelines of the technical seminar, a three-day auto parts trade show was held, where the new products of such companies as GFX, Transtec, Sonnax, Kinergo, Auto-Blitz, AVT-Group and other manufacturers were presented to public view.
The closing banquet of the 12th International technical seminar took place at the "Aerohall". The entertainment program included a buccaneer party, a bartender show, team contests and valuable prizes... (the main prize – a mechatronic unit presented by the Auto-Blitz company – was won by the Agregatka association)
The 12th International technical seminar was sponsored by TRANSTEC.

The next technical seminar is to take place on December 2-3, 2016, in Sochi.



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