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The 7th International technical seminar devoted to the issues of automatic transmission design, repair and trouble-shooting is going to take place on August 25-26, 2011, under the umbrella of the 15th International exhibition “Motor Show” and the “AUTOMECHANIKA Moscow” trade show, which will be held on August 24-27 at the “Crocus Expo” exhibition complex (Moscow).

The seminar “Design, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions” is an annual event and draws together industry professionals, specialists in trouble-shooting and repair, CEOs of the largest companies.

The format of the 7th seminar combines a regular meeting of leading specialists of technical and rebuilding industries and the exhibition project “AKPP Territory” of the “Motor Show” exhibition. The “Motor Show” is the largest international specialized trade show of spare parts, equipment and car service.

The program of the 7th seminar includes the discussion of the most topical problems related to the development of the market segment of trouble-shooting, rebuilding and subsequent servicing of cars equipped with automatic transmissions. In the course of the discussion, the lecturers will render assistance to AT rebuilders in solving their repair issues in cooperation with manufacturers and spare parts suppliers. The most relevant and acute questions raised by seminar participants are elaborated and covered in detail, and some of them are even taken as the basis for the next seminar topics.

The following experts in AT repair are going to share their knowledge and expertise: William (Bill) Henney, PhD (the UK, HELC Group, Chief Technology Officer), Robbie Ferguson (the USA, Alto Product Corp.), Coen van Beek (Holland, Euro-o-Matic, technical expert and product engineer), Alan Smith (the UK, Seal-e-Zee), Mike De Felice (the USA, Sonnax) and other guest speakers.

At the seminar, traditionally, the newly published samples of technical literature will be presented, as well as state-of-the-art equipment demonstrated in a real operational environment!

The seminar program provides for:

  • lunch and coffee-breaks, barbecue, reception (closing banquet)
  • “Golden Ten” lottery draw!
  • awarding of certificates confirming participation in the 7th International technical seminar
  • attending the exhibitions “MIMS/Motor Show” and “AUTOMECHANIKA Moscow”

With each year, the seminar “Design, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions” is drawing more and more AT rebuilding professionals from different regions of Russia and neighboring countries.



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