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The 6th International Technical Seminar “Design, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions” took place on Novemver 5-6, 2010, at the “Mendeleevo” training and hotel complex, located at: 1 Lyalovskoye highway, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region.

The seminar “Design, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions” is technically oriented, and its main peculiarity is that besides the standard tasks – to inform, educate and consult, it is intended to unite all the automatic transmission professionals into one community!

The seminar does not simply identify the problems connected with trouble-shooting and repair, it also helps specialists to solve them in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers.

November 5, 2010. Day 1.

  1. AWD TF60 and TF80 6SP (William Henney, Doctor of Engineering)
  2. Presentation of E-Zee Shift (William Henney, Doctor of Engineering)
  3. CVT: background information (Coen Van Beek, technical expert and product engineer)
  4. CVT Murano (Coen Van Beek, technical expert and product engineer)
  5. "AutoTransTech" presents: “Golden Ten”, the annual lottery draw.
  6. Issues connected with the establishment of a NGO – the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association.
  7. Equipment for automatic transmission trouble-shooting and rebuilding.

November 6, 2010. Day 2.

  1. DSG - 6-7 series (William Henney, Doctor of Engineering)
  2. Hybrid Transmissions – a future outlook (William Henney, Doctor of Engineering)
  3. CVT SFT30/23, CVT Mercedes A-class, B-class, CVT RE0F10A (Coen Van Beek, technical expert and product engineer)
  4. Audi Multotronic (Coen Van Beek, technical expert and product engineer))

At the seminar, new equipment for automatic transmission repair was presented. This equipment does not only scan the vehicle for various failures and troubles, it also does a quick and reliable test of the transmission and controls the transmission, isolating it from control devices and wiring, so you do not have to remove the transmission from the vehicle!

One of the questions raised at the seminar was the creation of an international non-commercial organization! A lot of the attendees got interested in that and this matter was actively discussed after the lectures along with other technical issues.

In the informal setting, a question of conducting future seminars in other cities and countries was also discussed. A number of proposals and invitations came from different seminar participants. In particular, the Aychina company from Belarus, the Ukrainian transmission centre in Yalta and other permanent attendees.

Also, a tool kit necessary for the optimization of work and better organization of an AT rebuilder’s workplace was presented: a desktop transmission fixing device, a toll for the compression of the AT clutch spring, a device for removing the AT front pump, a vacuum tester, a tool kit for Aisin Warner SL solenoids, etc., starting rebuild kits for AISIN WARNER solenoids with bushings, for such transmissions as VW 09D, 09G,K,M (TR60), AF40 (TF80), 55-50SN, which helps to solve the problem of hard shifting and slipping.

Upon completion of the business program of the first day, the third draw of the “Golden Ten” lottery was held. All the registered participants took part in it. The authors of the questions, “Sonnax” and “Midland Automatic Transmissions” representatives, congratulated the most knowledgeable participant – a “Diligence” representative (Saint-Petersburg), who won the jackpot (30000 rubles)!

Traditionally, in the course of the seminar, technical literature, reference materials and AT overhaul manuals were exhibited before the public (mostly in English, by such publishing houses as ATSG, ATRA, etc.) – including such bestsellers as 01J ATSG Diagnostic, 02E ATSG Diagnostic, 55-50 OEM GM, 6HP26/A ATSG Diagnostic, JF506E All ATSG, etc.

The 2010 seminar brought together AT rebuilders from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, UAE, the USA, the UK. Over 100 participants were present at the seminar and 23 people used the form of extramural participation.

Following the results of the seminar, each participant was awarded a certificate.

We would like to say a big thank-you to everyone and wish you all great success in your work!

“AutoTransTech” team




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