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About seminar

on August 25, 2005 in Moscow, in World Trade Center, there took place the First international technical seminar "Design, repair and diagnostics of automatic transmissions".

As the organizer of a seminar the TRANSPARTS company (Moscow), with the participation of "HELC Group" (Great Britain) and the exhibition company "EXPO-group" acted.

The seminar took place within the Moscow International Motor show of "MIMS-2005".

About 30 companies from various regions of Russia and Ukraine participated in a seminar: "TAHOE Transmishn" (Moscow), AKPP-Master (Vladivostok), ATMA (Rostov-on-Don), "Svid-Mobil" (St. Petersburg), Ukrainian transmission center (Ukraine, Kiev), Transmistik (Moscow) and others. The seminar purpose – discussion by specialists of car services of a full range of questions on diagnostics and repair of the automatic transmission, acquaintance with new diagnostic units of management of the automatic transmission and other equipment.

The seminar was opened by the CEO of "TRANSPARTS" Vyacheslav Bakalov. At a seminar information on the device, repair and characteristic defects of the AW55-50SN, JF506E automatic transmission and their various & nbsp was provided; modifications, and also to bases of electronics and diagnostics of automatic transmissions (scanners, multimeters, principles of operation of sensors and solenoids, codes of defects).

At a seminar the new unique product of SEAL-E-ZEE allowing to establish pro-masonry consolidation of pistons was provided without damaging them that is very urgent for transmissions of type 5L40E.

Also at a seminar the presentation of the NEWCO Autoline Gmbh company (Germany) which provided the products on a car market on Mercedes-Benz took place. At the moment the NEWCO Autoline Germany Gmbh company is a supplier of pro-masonry sets on MV for the TRANSTEC and TRANSTAR companies.



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