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  • Seminar AutoTransTech 2019

    Dear friends, AutoTransTech seminars are 15 years old this year.

    During this time, the participants enriched themselves not only with new and unique knowledge. Many met here with future partners, thanks to which their business entered a new stage of development. But even more met here friends, real friends and like-minded people. In fact, all of us, both the organizers and the participants, thanks to the seminars, met, became friends and became one big family.

    We have collected some statistics reflecting the scale of what has been done in 15 years. During these years, 41 lecturers with a total duration of 500 academic hours turned to 700 students from 26 countries.


    Also during our seminars about 3 thousand cups of coffee were drunk and more than 5.5 thousand sandwiches were eat. 


    Seminars "AutoTransTech" is a living organism that is constantly growing and developing.

    Ahead of us are waiting for new knowledge, new victories and peaks, a victory over which we will all be together, shoulder to shoulder!

  • AKPPro
    AKPPro is a magazine for professionals in the field of diagnostics and repair of automatic transmissions.
    The journal is intended to cover both technical and organizational aspects of the work of companies specializing in maintenance of transmissions. Therefore, there is a place for articles about the design features of various transmissions, and for recommendations on the choice of suppliers of equipment and providers of various services needed for the operation of service stations - for example, acquiring plastic cards or communications.
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Automatic gearbox⁠

All necessary information on an automatic transmission — automatic transmission (automatic transmissions) it is presented on the transmission information portal We are always are glad to new visitors, we hope that the provided information will be useful to you. News from producers of spare parts for automatic transmissions, new automatic transmissions, and also others participants of the transmission market. We translate the latest news about automatic transmissions from all Internet. Repair, preliminary treatment and the service of an automatic transmission specialized the equipment including. dynamometers, welding units, stands for testing of automatic machines. Transmission information the Avtotranstekh portal — the information partner of the American company SuperFlow — the leader in production equipment for preliminary treatment, repair of various knots of the car, in particular gear boxes, hydrotransformers, steering plates.



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